In India, the National Mathematics Day is observed on December 22 every year. It is celebrated in order to honour the birth anniversary of the famous mathematician Sir Srinivasa Ramanujan. The school made the students familiar with the renowned mathematicians like Sir Ramanujan, Sakuntala Devi, Aryabhatta, Mahalanobis. The work of these mathematicians inspired the students a lot. It had helped them to know how one’s hard work helps them to reach the apex of success. Students made geometrical shapes by using string, pins and soft boards. Through this, students were able to know the relation between visual arts with Mathematics. Activities comprising puzzle games, riddles were conducted by the students.

The main objective is to provide a forum to the students to pursue their natural curiosity and stimulate interest among them in Mathematics, developing in students the habit and skills to use mathematics to describe the world, to remove maths-phobia from the minds of the students.

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