Message from Coordinators

"The main feature of life is development. It is the continuous process and progresive change in organism and process of development is unique in nature. So a child's development is related to proper study of the multiple stages for imparting education. Our aim is to help the developing child to turn their of ' Storm and stress' into that of ' shower and sunshine."

Mrs. Sarmistha Mukherjee
Coordinator Pre-Primary Section

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think"

A good quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies. At Explore International School, we aim to prepare our students for effective participation in a rapidly evolving and increasingly global society. While the academic excellence is our major focus, we are also devoted to enhance the skills like team spirit, inquisitiveness, creativity, coordination and sympathy in a child right at the foundational stage. The inborn talents of the child is polished to shine by our teachers with a holistic , student centred approach that grooms the child to face the challenges of tomorrow and encourage them to put their best. As mentors we ensure that our students would become modest, humble and disciplined while soaring heights in their career and life.
I take this opportunity to thank my team members for their constant efforts , our students for their active participation in the learning process that keeps the flag of EIS high and the parents for keeping faith on us.

Jasmin Khatoon
Academic Coordinator (Grade I and II)
Activity Coordinator

"You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over."

The words precisely explore what we actually focus in our Explore International School to succour the children in the Preparatory stage of their learning journey. After passing through the Fundamental stage for five long years, the mind of a child gets filled with logical queries which hound them away incessantly until they perceive them through kinesthetic approach and correlate them with real life situations. We endeavour to impart this perception among our explorers so that they become independent to understand the logic behind each happening. Not only they build up their academic foundation but also shower through moral skill development that seems the most important aspect in today's world. Therefore, from the very Fundamental stage they inculcate the virtues like being punctual, disciplined, compassionate, sympathetic, honest, and generous which will surely make them a human in real.

Mrs. Bidisha Pramanik
Primary school coordinator (Grade III - V)

Middle School bridges the elementary education with the higher secondary education where students experience departmentalization, teachers’ specialization and tracking. It serves pre-adolescent students and reaffirms the bridging gaps in access, participation and learning outcomes that will continue to be the major goals of all education sector development programmes. It recognizes the need to evaluate high order skills such as analysis, critical thinking and conceptual clarity and hence shifting the focus of assessment to competency based. Our focus is on smart goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and anchored within a time frame. The enduring contribution is the correlation of the subject areas and integration of learning across disciplinary boundaries that will assist young adolescents to discover and develop their interests and abilities.

Mrs. Swati Bhattacharya
Middle Section coordinator

“Education is not about loading the child’s mind with information, but about making it capable of razor-sharp perception, capable of knowing life in its full depth and dimension.”

At EXPLORE International it is our endeavor to provide value oriented learning opportunities that cultivate the mind, enrich the lives of our children and prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The School inculcates creative thoughts and ideas in Explorers. Teaching here goes beyond the curriculum to sow the seeds of social commitment in students. The values of sharing and caring as well as leadership qualities are taught right from the Nursery classes so that Explorers leave a mark as worthy and responsible citizens.

Mrs. Priyadarshini Gangopadhyay
Secondary and Senior Secondary Coordinator