Education does not just happen at school. It is not just about Math and other subjects. Your education and learning are happening all the time. They happen any time your mind is open to learning. Education is not just about learning facts, but more so about learning how to think. It is learning to make good choices. It is learning to act with purpose. Becoming educated is a lifelong process. It can be hard and frustrating at times, but it can also be incredibly exciting and enriching.


Mr. Adak brings to EIS, 19 years of comprehensive experience and year on year success in spearheading multifaceted functions encompassing technology, operations, business development, quality management system, general administration and customer relationship management. Being associated with the Bangalaxmi Group since inception, he now undertakes the responsibility of leading the school from the front as its Manager. Well known for his HR and project execution skills, he equally shares the vision for the school along with Mr. Patra.




We at Explore International School, Singur believe that the aim of any good school should be to provide the best possible education to its students. All great ideas begin with commitment to the future. Vision gives one the impulse to make the picture of its own. Aim of holistic education is to inculcate the ability to have a mission with a vision.

Our primary aim is to develop in the students qualities of Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Tolerance and Compassion, to promote a spirit of inquiry, to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism, to help the students to become a meaningful part of their environment and to see that courage and industry have their due reward.

The pursuit of excellence encouraged at EIS rests on the positive belief that every man has it in him to produce work that stands out with distinction. We are focused on identifying unique gifts of each individual and helping to create the best life pathways for them so that they grow into sensitive humans and responsible global citizens. Towards this goal, the school endeavors to provide a dedicated teaching staff with a wide range of skills and interests, a varied and wide choice of activities-academic, aesthetic and athletic –an environment enriched with the excitement of discovery, challenge and competitiveness and a discipline based on the belief that responsibility comes before freedom. Let us accept our responsibilities as ‘Parents’ at school and you as ‘Teachers’ at home, to nurture the young minds to enable their talents, strength and goodness to fructify.