guidelines for parents


Parents should carry out their responsibilities as educator in instilling in their children respect and strict obedience for all school rules and regulations.


Dear parents,

You are requested to go through the following guidelines & adhere to it:

1. Parents can meet the teachers, HODs & Co-ordinators on all working days, with prior appointment taken over the email i.e or through diary note. Meeting date & time will be confirmed over the mail (only).

2. Meeting time for parents with the Principal & Vice-principal – on all working days with minimum 3 days of prior appointment through email. (*meeting will be scheduled seeing the availability of the Principal & Vice-principal; meeting confirmation will be given via mail only)

3. Speaking in English in the school premises is mandatory for the students. Parents are requested to encourage their wards for the same in every possible manner.

4. Students should be sent to school in neat and proper school uniform. In winter, girls must wear white stockings. No colourful muffler/cap/woollens are allowed except the winter uniform which is provided by the school. Students of Pre-primary section can wear only white warmers inside the uniform during winters. Wearing ID card is mandatory for the students.

5. Sports Uniform must be worn on days they have sports classes and on Fridays.

6. The name, admission no., class, section and house of the student should be mentioned on all belongings of the students e.g. Blazers, Ties, Jerseys, Skirts, House T-Shirts, Socks, Shoes, Bags, Caps, Scarves, etc.

7. Students are not allowed to wear earrings inside the school premises. Girls can wear only a pair of small rings/studs on both ears. They are not allowed to apply Nail Polish / Mehendi /Tattoos/ Kajal/ lip gloss/ lipsticks under any circumstances.

8. Lab coat, lab gloves (white), lab safety glasses are mandatory for the students during laboratory classes.

9. No student is allowed to bring gifts, presents, or return gifts to School to mark their/other’s birthday or any other occasion. Students are not allowed to distribute more than two toffee per student in their section. Students should not send any gift that should be sent to the Principal/Vice-Principal/Co-ordinator/Class or Subject Teachers/Non-teaching Staff, not even chocolate or toffee. Students are not allowed to wear colour dress on birthdays.

10. Boys should have decent haircut at regular intervals. Girls must tie hair with black rubber band/ black hair band. Black hair pins to be used for short hair. Nails should be trimmed at regular intervals.

11. There shall be no re-assessment in case a student remains absent and misses any assessment. No early leave will be accepted during examination. If any child suffers from illness during examination, he/she could be sent back after a thorough observation by the school medical team.

12. Attendance is mandatory during exams (both theory & Practical) & on the last working day before vacations.

13. Half Day leaves will not be accepted during normal working days unless it is a medical emergency. In such case a medical certificate has to be produced along with the half day leave application.

14. Strict action will be taken against students using unfair means in the examination.

15. School reserves the right to expel students whose diligence or progress in studies is considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to the other students.

16. At least one of the parents must be present for PTA Meetings, and any absences should be reported to the class teacher in advance of the meeting. On PTA Meeting days, students must arrive at school wearing their uniform and the parents are requested to adhere to the meeting time as decided by the school management.

17. Parents should acknowledge receiving the progress report card and can give feedback to the respective class teacher. If lost/mutilated, a replacement will be made after paying the required fine of Rs.100 at the Administrative Office.

18. Parents must carry the Escort Card of their wards and personally see off and receive their wards at the bus stop.

19. Parents must first consult the school calendar, date sheets and other circulars before making enquiries over the phone.

20. Students are advised not to carry cash. They must not bring valuable articles, e.g. expensive watches, fountain pens, transistors, electronic gadgets, cameras, calculators or jewellery to School. In case of loss of valuables or other articles, the authorities will try their best to trace out the items. However, they shall not undertake any responsibility for the loss or replacement. Mobile phones are not allowed inside the classrooms. It has to be submitted to school admin on arrival.

21. The parents must refrain from approaching the teachers about holding private classes/tuitions for their children. If it is found that the school teachers are offering their students private lessons, both parties will face heavy punishment from the school administration.

22. Parents are requested to contact the Principal’s office if their children have additional academic requirements so that the school or the instructor can choose whether or not to provide support.

23. Parents should not criticize school or a teacher in front of their wards because it undermines the teachers’ authority, prevents children from learning from them, and impedes their progress.

24. Parent should address all communications directly to the class teacher. For the concerns related to disciplinary issues, fees related issues, other monetary issues, service related issues must be informed to school Admin.

25. Students are expected to respect all kind of school properties. If any school property is damaged, strict actions will be taken as per the decision of the school authorities.

26. Parents should check the school bags of their wards to see if any notices, invitations, or circulars have been issued or placed in the bag. Parents should also check school diary, ERP & website regularly.

27. Students must take written permission to carry a camera to photograph the school activity in or outside school. They are not allowed to upload any such photograph (On social media). Any student indulging in such activity on social media will face disciplinary action.

28. School Logo should not be used by any individual on social media platform. If found, strict legal action will be taken. The issue will be directly reported to Cyber Crime Department and the person found guilty will be penalised.

29. All school fees are to be paid online or in cash by and between the 10th of that particular English Calendar month. Whenever the Fee is due or accrued, late fine at the rate of Rs 50/- per month shall be charged after the stipulated date. Payment via check is not allowed.

30. If the parents fail to deposit the fees for three consecutive months, his/her ward’s name shall be struck off from the school register and a Mandatory Re-Admission fee will be charged.

31. Wearing transport badge is mandatory for the students who avail school transport. A penalty fee of Rs.50 will be charged for reissuing the badge against the lost ones.

32. If any student, availing school transport wishes to go with parent any day, it has to be informed to the Admin, a day in advance. In such cases they need to collect their ward from Admin only. Parents must not go the school transport area directly to collect their ward.

33. Students availing school transport must reach their boarding point 10 minutes before their assigned boarding time. Failing to do so may lead them to miss their bus.

34. Sick children should not be sent to the school. A proper medical certificate is required once the child rejoins. If any child remains absent for more than three days consecutively, parent has to come to school with prior appointment and has to write the pending work. Taking pictures of the pending works will not be allowed.

35. Parents and guardians must read and explain the school rules to their wards.